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ALL Profit will be Donated to adults, youth & children who are unhoused. 

                        Meet The Experience


La Fawn Brito, D.M., MSW, CEO of Choices In Action


Presenting Dr. Brito, a distinguished Professor and Dissertation Committee Member at Westcliff University, who also assumes the role of Director of Social Sciences Research at Morant McLeod. With an extensive 20-year career in Social Work practice, she has honed her skills as an attentive listener and

a prolific problem-solver.


Dr. Brito's unwavering commitment shines through her consistent delivery

of projects well ahead of deadlines, supported by her specialization in qualitative research and her deep passion for the art of writing. Her enthusiasm for writing is palpable, and she is eager to bring your projects

to life on paper, infusing them with her dedicated expertise. 


In a busy world, Dr. Brito's  dedication stands out as she approaches each project with meticulous attention, ensuring exceptional Professional

Services coupled with a warm smile. 

Her multidimensional expertise makes her an invaluable asset to any endeavor, providing a bridge between academia, research, and real-world application.


In summary, Dr. Brito embodies professionalism, expertise, and passion, ready to translate your ideas into vibrant written reality.


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ALL Payments will be Donated to adults, youth & children who are unhoused. 

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FREE 20 Minute Consultation

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