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Choices in Action


Housing Locator Services 

  • We support apartment/studio searches in all cities of Orange County, City of Los Angeles and Moreno Valley


Rent Negotiation 

  • We negotiate the amount of apartment/studio rent                                                  

  • We advocate so that landlords will accept all Government Housing Programs             

  • We ensure rent is affordable according to your budget (income) 


One-time Financial Assistance 

  • We pay your credit check fee                                                                                             

  • We provide financial assistance with your rental security deposit                                       

  • Gift NEW Basic Home Essentials                                                                                     

    • Bed with bedding                                                                                                 

    • Bathing supplies                                                                                                   

    • Kitchen table set                                                                                               

    • Cookware                                                                                                         

    • Dinnerware                                                                                                        

    • Silverware                                                

Choices In Action is committed to diversity and inclusion. We have a legal duty to consider all needs to eliminate discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity notwithstanding age, disability, gender identity or gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, marriage or civil union. 

                            **** Come to us as you are ****

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